Living in a VRS retirement home in Surrey is amazing for many reasons. Residents are able to enjoy comfortable living in a safe environment while maintaining their independence. Sunnyside Manor offers a wonderful dining room for residents to enjoy. While all residents are invited to dine in the dining room, some still opt to eat privately, which is wonderful if it works for you. However, there are three large benefits of eating meals with others, especially in a retirement community.

Eat More & Eat Healthier

Studies show that we naturally eat more around others, which is very beneficial for senior individuals, who often don’t eat enough. Seniors who regularly eat alone are often at risk for a variety of health issues, especially malnutrition, which can lead to a range of problems including unintentional weight loss, weakness, dizziness, falls with broken bones, and depression. When eating with others at retirement homes in Shuswap research suggests seniors take longer to dine and report eating more nutritiously compared to dining alone. People who eat meals together have been shown to eat more fruit, vegetables, dairy, and fibre compared to those who eat alone. Another study found that food intake improved in a communal dining setting, which led to healthy weight gain and corresponding improvements in nutritional status and rehabilitation. 

Increased Engagement in Community & Social Life

Many seniors say they feel lonely when eating alone. At Sunnyside Manor , we encourage our residents to get to know their neighbours, and the easiest way to do that is by attending meals in the dining room! New friendships can be made, and existing relationships can grow while sitting around the table together. Dining together with their community is a great way to bring back memories of eating with their families and reflect the tradition of communal meals many seniors love and value. Those who regularly eat with others often report feeling happier, are more trusting of the people around them, and feel more engaged with their community.

Amazing Meals Prepared for You

When eating meals in the dining room with others, residents of Sunnyside Manor retirement home in Surrey get to enjoy delicious meals cooked fresh by our in-house chefs. When eating in the dining room, the food is served quicker, and the quality is better. When a meal is delivered directly from the kitchen to the dining room, the food stays hot and fresh. If food is boxed to be delivered to a resident’s room, the quality begins to decline. Cold food and melted ice cream are not appealing to anyone and is sure to put a damper on one’s evening. 

By eating in Sunnyside Manor’s dining room, residents are able to enjoy the community our retirement home has to offer while eating a fresh, delicious, and nutritious meal prepared with their preferences in mind. Enjoying good food with good company is great for the soul, mind, and body!

If you’re looking for a VRS seniors retirement community that offers great food and a welcoming community, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us to inquire about this VRS location. Call 604.531.7470to arrange a tour at one of VRS’ warm and friendly independent seniors communities.